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Car driving game featuring plenty of exciting maps and missions has a strong community behind it

Car driving game featuring plenty of exciting maps and missions has a strong community behind it

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Program license: Paid

Program by: BeamNG

Version: 0.23.5

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Create cars, destroy them and create a different car all over again in this fun physics game.

The overall theme of the game is to have fun while building a car that you enjoy. You can begin with a base car that is already designed, adding specifications in the way that it looks and drives so that you have a car that can make it over hills and through streams. The car can be destroyed, or you can take part in a few challenges before making another car. If you don't want to use one of the cars that are already in the game, you can design your own from the ground up with the tires that you want and the suspension along with the overall layout of the look of the car.

While driving the car around, you can do everything from jumping it over a hill or shooting a cannon through the side to completely destroy the vehicle. A truck often works best for jumping over hills. There are several maps to follow that give you an idea as to where the water is located and where the best hills are id you're looking for a way to get some height while driving.

The game is highly simulated; it's almost as though you can feel every bump and jump that you experience as well as every collision. Each incident causes damage to the car until you simply can't drive the car any longer. There is also an option of interacting with crash test dummies that are found on the trails. One of the things to keep in mind is that the game tends to reset at times if you do come into contact with a living thing or if there is too much damage to the car.


  • Realistic driving action
  • Numerous car designs
  • Several upgrades
  • Lots of tracks to drive on


  • Resets at odd times
  • More cars slows the game down